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One Tool Does it All

  Find Angles
     Inside & Outside
     Bisect Angles
     Duplicate or Miter Cuts

  Find Pitch
     Under the Ridge

  Use as a Compass
     Circles to 26"

  Scribe a Line

  Notch & Cut-out

  Find Circle Center




  Easy to Use


  Huge Time Saver
     Trips up and down
         the ladder

  Cost Effective

  Fits in a Pocket

  Eliminates Mistakes
     Missed angle cuts


I found this tool very convenient and easy to use. It was so much quicker than other methods.

Denver, CO

Plus Shipping


I am a roofer and this tool has been a qreat help in measuring for material needed for a roof.

Albany, NY

What makes pros out of everyone?

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Western USA and Canada
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|  Multi-Purpose Tool  |  Angles  |  Compass  |  Notches & Cutouts  |  Pitch  |  Scribe  |
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